Maps (Not Maroon 5)

This exercise is a lesson in applied filters. Each map portrays the same place, but under a new “filter” or a set of parameters that leads to different results. The first map instructed me to draw a map of my hometown, using just my memory as a filter, the second tasked me with drawing only the places that mattered to me in my hometown, pushing me to use my emotional attachment to places as a filter, and finally to utilize Google Maps to find my hometown, using no filter except for a satellite image.

The Google Maps image is unbiased, and completely scientific. There is no way I could alter or misconstrue the information given, though this is clearly the most boring map. This represents the literal, no interpretation or emotion, just what the satellite can see. This image is the most useful overall, though it carries the least amount of emotional attachment and personal information.

The first map I ended up drawing was the one that appealed to me the most, to draw everyplace that mattered to you in your hometown. Living out in the woods made this a rather difficult challenge until I set my brain in “Google Maps” mode. This map is, in essence, a shorthand version of my history in my hometown. Anyone is able to see roughly the distance between my house, my high school, and my grandfather’s house. Given enough information, and story context, a detailed account of my childhood activities can be mapped. I was able to see my favorite places, and favorite activities. While this seems tremendously useful, it also goes to show what I missed out on in my youth. For certain, there are hundreds of places I failed to even mention on my map, entire roads, intersections, and boroughs completely forgotten because they made little to no impact on me. Overall, this map can tell someone about me as a person, simply from viewing where I visited it is fairly obvious that I am a people person, and I love Mexican food!

The final map, the one that was without a doubt the hardest was the map requiring me to draw my hometown as accurately as possible from memory. While drawing this map I tried to trace the rough outline of the roads as if I were driving them, however; this proved to be very inaccurate as I was forgetting about many different smaller areas, and backroads that populate my county. I also tended to forget about other places I visited because they were off the main road I was driving. This map represents my logical memories, the useful memories more so than emotional ones, though the results of this surprised me. I thought for certain that I would be able to fairly accurately represent the main road that I lived on, but I made several mistakes along the way.Google Maps20170915_15172120170915_151708


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