Virtual Story Experience

I chose to pick The Skin Deep, The { } And. The interactive documentary was so interesting. It was all about relationships, whether they were married, gay, broke up, straight, or dating. Relationships are so intriguing and interesting to me. I believe you learn a lot from not just your own mistakes and experiences but from other’s as well.

In this documentary, the viewer gets to choose which question or which couple they want to view. On the couple shots/options, it showed one couple asking each other questions and had different angled shots that made watching intriguing and the questions kept them and the viewer on the edge. The question options showed many different couples all being asked the same question and showed their reactions and answers.

I watched, When was the last time I disappointed you? It was interesting to see how awkward and hesitant the couples were to tell the other the specific time and then they just got real and honest. They also asked, And how do you feel now. Every couple said they had forgiven the other for it.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 6.40.26 PM

Screenshot from When was the last time I disappointed you


I also watched Ali and Andrew Pt. 2 which was just focused on one couple. They broke up and I did not even listen to part one but hearing the questions they had to ask each other were intense. These questions were real, helpful, and clearly thought out. It just brought out genuine human emotions and their real thoughts and feelings.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 6.40.09 PM

Screenshot from dashboard of options

This was so intriguing and entertaining for me and I think I want to do some of these questions with my boyfriend because I believe a lot of these are important questions and really worth the awkwardness. This was amazing!!!

Brooke Reaves


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