McDowell County – Interactive Documentary

Hollow Documentary: This documentary shows the change over time since the 1940’s in McDowell County, West Virginia. It is really cool how the population is shown as time goes on. This helps to illustrate the ongoing change in population and growth of the county. This documentary also shows the location of the county on the screen the entire time. This helps the viewers understand where McDowell county is geographically.

The population in this county peaked at 100,000 in the 1950’s. You can see this moment in the interactive documentary happen below. When this time comes in the documentary the population gets larger on the screen. This is so that we focus on this population peak moment rather than the background pictures of the documentary. In the background is a picture of the 38th Annual Veterans Day Parade.

“Population Peak” by Justin Thompson from Hollow – An Interactive Documentary

Something that this documentary did well was use audio in the background as an extra affect. The audio that was used was queued to play whenever you got to a particular part of the documentary. When you got to the part about the Rocket Boys it played a rocket noise. This is something that I cant show through a screenshot but I wanted to make sure to talk about because it was something that increased the experience of the viewer.

The last pictures shown for this documentary are of the town in the year 2010. This is after their was a significant drop of jobs in the years before and the county went from having a population of 100,000 to a population of 22,113. This is an important final look at the county because it shows its current state of possibly a downtown area. It shows the murals and buildings that are in this area as well as that current population count and year to wrap up the documentary.

“Modern Day County” by Justin Thompson from Hollow – An Interactive Documentary

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