Sweet Home Carolina


This is my hometown back in Winston, just as I remember it. I don’t know too much about it as most of my time spent there was either at home, or at school, which, I couldn’t draw in because I might’ve drawn it too big. I pointed out where my home is, and I’m not quite sure if I drew the right amount of boxes for homes. But I tried my best.


This is a second drawing of my neighborhood, with the two significant areas I could fit in included. I spent a lot of time at home, and my bus stop took me to where I would need to go for school. The bus stop is where I also spent a lot of time with some of the kids in my neighborhood in which we’d just goof around and plan adventures we never did. We used to eat snacks that I had horded in my bookbag, and do cartwheels on the front lawn of whoever’s house it was.


This map is a lot more accurate, and also shows a lot more around my neighborhood. I lived near a shopping center called Parkway Plaza, and after school I’d sometimes walk down there with my best friend and go snack shopping, or we’d chow down at IHOP whenever we could. The dollar general on Silas Creek Parkway used to be where a kinda bad Mexican restaurant used to be, called Las Estrellas, in which my moms old best friend took me once, and I found a hair in the guac.

Each of these maps are almost all the same. My first two maps represent how I sort of didn’t branch out for the longest of time. My third map shows a lot more, and could represent how after a while I branched out a bit more,  but it could also just represent theres a lot more out there than what I view as just what home is.


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