Interactive Documentary: Hollow Documentary

The Hollow Documentary is an interactive documentary that gives you insight on the population decline of McDowell country in southern West Virginia.  This documentary is very well made and uses images, music, and text to captivate its audience. The music in the background is pretty intense and really puts you in the moment.

The population started low and continued to grow until 1950 when it peaked at 100,000. The image below is from the documentary and draws your attention to the larger and bold number.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 10.10.24 PM.png

“Population Peak” by Justin Thompson from Hollow – An Interactive Documentary

The documentary continues though the years and the populations continues to decrease. This is accommodated by different events that happen throughout McDowells history. In 1980 there was a spike in job loss and many people in the cole mine industry lost their jobs. The picture below shows the year, the population at the time, and a picture of a minor.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 10.08.47 PMJobs Lost by Justin Thompson from Hollow – An Interactive Documentary

The overall presentation of the documentary is awesome. The music and pictures collide well together. The fact that the viewer has the power to scroll though, change the population number, change the music, and is in complete control over the presentation is something special. I thought that the layout was very interesting, and also the small facts about the documentary that few know are what make this special. The author interviewed the mayor only a few days before he passed away, and the audio is in the documentary. This is something that really takes a lot of thought and is a very good way to show an audience the rapid decline of population in one particular area of West Virginia.


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