The Skin Deep

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I chose The Skin Deep website and “The { } And” interactive documentary. This documentary has two people coming face to face with one another asking some personal and deep questions. Some are friends, have been in a relationship, married, or broken up. Many of the interviews are interesting and intriguing to watch.

I watched the documentary Kim {AND} Chet #FirstDate. They come face to face for the first time after seeing each other’s profiles online and ask each other questions. The angle of the cameras capturing the two of them sitting at the table and then close-ups of their faces made me on edge as to what the person answering the question was going to say and react.

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“Kim {AND} Chet #FirstDate.” The { } And,

In Kim and Chet’s documentary, the questions were “getting to know you” questions. It was intriguing to see what the person would say and how they would react since this was the first time they came face to face. They shared about their pets, how many people they have slept with, what caught their attention on the other’s profile that made them want to meet, and Chet shared that he showed his friends Kim’s profile and asked for their opinion on her.

I then watched the documentary of Victoria {AND} Nathan. They have been married nine years. The questions asked were “What is one thing that surprises you when collaborating with me?”, “What connects us?”, and “What trait of mine do you wish you had?” The reactions of both Victoria and Nathan were serious, but pleasant at the same time. Victoria would listen to Nathan’s answer then bring up a story from the past that related to his answer. You could tell that they had a deep connection with one another. They both learned something from the other’s answer and would make comments such as, “Oh yeah, I need to tap into that more. I don’t think I have ever thought about it that way.”

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“Victoria {AND} Nathan.” The { } And,


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