Virtual Reality Gaming

Cardboard Crash is a Virtual Reality game that puts the gamer in a cardboard world where he or she has to make a difficult life or death decisions behind the wheel of a self driving car. The game tests the gamer’s ethical decision when it comes to an unavoidable collision. The main focus on this interactive document is to introduce the creator of the game and the idea behind the game rather than the actual game itself.

pic 2
Life or death decisions, Screenshot from Cardboard Crash

The article says that the main purpose of the game is to test peoples ethical decision making. The game gives the gamer three difficult decisions to make when a semi swerves into your lane to avoid hitting a family crossing the road. The gamer can choose to swerve left and take out the family, drive straight and crash into a semi that is full of fuel, or swerve right right off the side of a cliff. Either way the gamer is faced with a difficult decision.

The creator of the game uses a cardboard world to make it not seem too realistic and make it feel more friendly. Since the game is played using a virtual reality headset the creator did not want the gamer to be disturbed when their actions lead to life or death. The use of a cardboard world also calls for less details and allows the game to be played much smoother.

The developers ran into a problem when creating this game when they realized that people look in different ways. Some people use their necks more when looking and that is who the VR targets. the problem is for those who are more eye lookers. The headsets do not have eye trackers so these people have a harder time with the game.

pic 3
Gamer uses head movements to make control the actions, Screenshot from Cardboard Crash 


Cardboard Crash,



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