Cary, North Carolina

mapMy home town is Cary, North Carolina part of the Wake and Chatham counties. My family originally lived in Durham, NC after we moved to the U.S from the Philippines. After 2 years in Durham we moved to a town named Morrisville, NC. This town was much smaller than Durham and Cary so the community was very close. This is were my parents bought their first house where in Durham we just lived in apartments. Five years past and my parents decide to move again, but not to far, so they choose to move into a new neighborhood in Cary.

Untitled-1.pngI consider Cary to be my hometown instead of Durham, Morrisville, or Dumaguete (the city in the Philippines I was born in) because I have lived there the longest and all my fond memories are from Cary.  Cary is were I went to Middle School named West Cary and High School named Panther Creek. Here, I grew up and started to figure out what I loved. I found out I love to build computers and to take photographs/make films. I fell in love with my girlfriend here and were still together to this day. I learned to love coffee because the local coffee place is awesome. Here I started to go to the gym and got healthier.

Untitled-2.pngI was very hard to draw Cary from memory just because it is so huge and it is still ever growing and changing. Just last weekend I went back home and there was a new shopping center being built 3 minutes from my house. In addition to new neighborhoods being built every week. This is just one part of Cary, which is considered by many to be the “new Cary”. Cary is an old town but because of how close it is to the RTP area many people have started moving in and in turn bringing their kids or having kids. I love Cary and the town has shaped me as a person in many ways I will always come back and when I move away I will never forget it.


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