Hometown Story – Charlotte, North Carolina

I come from a pretty large city known as Charlotte, North Carolina. I was born and raised in Charlotte and have spent most of my life there. Over my time in Charlotte I’ve lived in three houses (that I can recall), having spent my middle school and high school years in a small neighborhood known as Dilworth.

Home – John Park 2017

Dilworth, as illustrated above, is situated just outside of uptown. This map in particular illustrates what my high school life was like as these were the main roads that I travelled to get to and from school for 180 days. It doesn’t include most of the small roads because they’re not as important as the larger ones that most people use to commute to their daily work or school such as myself.

Favorites – John Park 2017

While I recognize that this image isn’t as much of a map as the other, I still think it serves as one. It illustrates my home in Dilworth; my favorite place to eat, Mr. K’s; the best park to hang out with friends at, Freedom Park; and my most dreaded/loved place, Myers Park High School. This map shows my favorite and most visited places while I lived in Charlotte and had a real influence on me as a person.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.20.58 PM
Google 2017

And finally, the real map of the southern part of Charlotte which shows how huge the area actually is. On the maps that I drew, everything felt so small and connected but in the real world they’re so spaced out. My house is at the top marked with red marker. In the middle is Freedom Park and towards the bottom you can just barely see Myers Park’s campus just to the left of the Myers Park Country Club. I think the maps that I drew show how I interpreted my world through a small bubble of home, work, and play whereas the real world shows a contrast of just how much there is to do out there in just one small region of the city.


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