Hometown Story- East Bend, NC

I am from an EXTREMELY small town called East Bend. When people ask me where I’m from I usually have to say 30 minutes west of Winston Salem, NC. IMG_2007.jpg

When you come into East Bend, this is basically what you see. ONE stoplight, corn, soybean, and tobacco fields, houses and a high school. I think this map clearly displays that I’m a small-town girl, as is everyone from here. There’s obviously more than just corn fields and trees, but anyone from a bigger town would drive through here and think that this is all there basically is.


The places that mean something to be are, my house, my boyfriend’s house, Bo Jangles (the only good place to eat), Cutters (A gas station where everyone meets in order to go eat in Winston or go do anything), Sheets (the newest and biggest addition to my town. In high school EVERYONE hung out in the parking lot there and I really don’t know why we did it), and random fields where everyone would hang out and ave bonfires at during the summer. There’s really not that much to do, but I love living in a small town (most of the time) where everybody knows everybody. This map basically shows what it looks like in my hometown, there are fast food restaurants and gas stations and grocery stores. In the grand scheme of things this sums up East Bend.


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