Building Bonds which Incorporate a Future

My hometown at the prison housing – Lena Nguyen – September 27th, 2017

The first picture displays my hometown in Lompoc California. A majority of my childhood was spent here along with countless memories I hold dearly to me. I lived across from a federal prison in an area called the prison housing for families who have someone working in the prison. Due to this aspect, many children were present in my neighborhood. We would spend the dawn of day to the sunset casting the night’s entrance playing outside. I can remember the massive hide and seek games or tag we would participate in. My neighborhood held a considerable amount of open space we could all roam around in. There was an enormous field behind all the housing that held a pond at the center where we could catch frogs in. There was also a lot of tree’s in the are we could climb and build our own tree houses in.  We would walk around finding assorted sizes of sticks to create walls and stairways in the trees to reach another tree. I also remember making several miniature tiki looking structures outside of the trees with these sticks. One time my friends and I would take wooden planks to create actual structures in our tree houses. There was also a fenced in trailer park area where lizards would sunbathe in. I would capture them with my friends and keep them for a few days in plastic shelters we bought from the store which held sand, sticks, and other materials the lizards could live in before releasing them. The diverse amount of activities presents in my neighborhood along with the considerable number of children who lived there helped me form many bonds. I believe experiencing an extremely active childhood helped me learn to communicate, and form bonds with several people in my life.

Seal statue at Cabrillo High School – Lena Nguyen – September 27th, 2017

The Second picture is a seal statue which was present in Carbrillo High School. High school assertively grasped a significant impact on who I am today. I learned real worlds skills varying from properly writing papers, forming resumes, public speech communication, organization, managing several tasks at once, problem solving, and several other skills along with aiding me in maturing into an adult. My high school took immense consideration in the transition from high school to wherever you wanted next, and because of this it helped me reach my current decision to enroll in college with ease. When I first entered high school as a freshman it overhauled a profound sense of intimidation. However, I had a childhood where I learned to communicate with others which helped me form new friendships I still hold with me today. My friends were very supportive throughout the course of my high school years which helped me through the thick and thin situations to graduating.  With seven different classes, each having their own rules and teachers the atmosphere felt hardworking. I was always moving from class to class, learning to write notes and organize all my materials throughout the day.  Now that I’m in college and have a job the skills I’ve gained through high school helped me reach a clear organized setting in handling both aspects of my life.

Google Maps Overlook of my hometown – Lena Nguyen – September 27th, 2017

The third picture displays a more visually enhanced outlook- onto my neighborhood I grew up in. You can see a clear representation of the housing and open space my neighborhood had. The fields I discussed in my first picture are seen behind the housing although the pond which use to exist has for since ceased to. On the right side of the picture you can even see some of the trailer park where I caught lizards at. This image was taken off google maps using the satellite feature tool. It gives you a clear understanding of the structural layout my neighborhood had compared to my interpreted feelings I’ve put in reminiscing the past in my drawing.


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