Morrisville Map

I was born and raised in the Morrisville/Cary area of North Carolina, a town that since I can remember has constantly been expanding in resources, population, and shopping centers. Hell, I remember when there used to be farms five miles from my house, now there are four large shopping centers in that same radius, where only one used to be. Both Cary and Morrisville have been so explosive in its population that they required a 2015 census because the 2010 no longer reflected the truth. There also used to be a division between Morrisville and Car, but that division has long since been gone, and even areas like Apex have combined with it to just create one huge area of the triangle. I dont even know what classifies as what anymore. Theres also a lot less trees than there used to be, as they had to demolish them to make way for thousands of new houses, apartments, and businesses.Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 8.39.52 PM.png

But because there is so much to the area, trying to simplify a certain section is impossible because my life wasnt focused on a few square miles, and as such my map reflects it. As such trying to make a map of what I remember of such a large areas would take days to meticulously create, trying to scale from memory and include all the various areas of a fifteen mile radius region, and thats simply far out of my capability. So instead I scaled it down to a smaller area, and focused on important landmarks. However, since everything is interconnected, a focus on the simplified version of the area essentially created a map of the things that were important to my upbringing. Places like Morrisville Elementary where I went for k-5th grade, Panther Creek, where I went for high school, Green Hope HS that I passed everyday to get to school. Morrisville park, which used to be one of two parks in the area, the four aforementioned shopping centers with Parkside Commons, Beaver Creek, Cornerstone, and Park West. The railrIMG-2282.jpgoad, RTP, RDU International Airport, and the main roads of the area. Of course, I added a couple less important places like the Circle K I fill up my car, The Dunkin Donuts I used to work at, and Sol Aztecas which is my all time favorite restaurant, but trying to separate a map from memory, and a map of important places for me is damn near impossible on this scale.


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