My Hometown

Map 1 depicts how I remember my hometown. Map 2 depicts my important places, and map 3 is the Google Earth shot of my hometown. Each map represents the same thing differently. Map 1 shows the places that I know about in my hometown, even the places I know nothing about or never used. Map 2 shows only the places I really care about, and this was actually the one that I made first and found the easiest to make. The places that I’ve been the most and are important to me are very easy to remember because I have many memories associated with them. Map 1 was harder simply because I had to brainstorm about places in the area.

Map 3 was really easy to find surprisingly. Without using any searching tools inside of Google Earth, I found my hometown in under a minute. One thing that makes this map so different from the others is that it shows a tiny bit of everything. Despite the lack of detail on the other two maps, I believe that they are more informative about the area because it shows significant locations on the map. Map 3 shows a more general layout without the specific places.

Map 2Map 1 (2)Real Globe Map


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