My Hometown

High Point has been my home for most of my life. I was born there in 1996, but my family moved to Pensacola, FL in 1998. Military dad, so traveling was the norm form my family. Pensacola was enjoyable, but hot all of the time. It was cool to be in Florida, but it was not home to me. We moved back to High Point in 2001, and moved into a new house one year later. Since then, my mom and sometimes my sister have lived in the house, while my parents are divorced and my dad is currently stationed in San Antonio, Texas. My current house looks a little like this: IMG-7810.JPG

Well, it looks somewhat like this. Drawing is not my main skill. Anyway, even though that house has a ton of good and bad memories, it’s always been home. Many days of traveling 15 minutes across High Point to go to school. My high school was a 1000+ student facility, called High Point Central. I loved my first two years of high school. I loved going to school everyday to see my friends and take some classes I actually enjoyed, like Marine Corps ROTC. Here is my drawing of my school:


My hometown recently has seen some criminal activity recently. Increases in cocaine distribution and homicides have made High Point seem like a bad place to be. Even though there isn’t much to do, it’s my home. I have lived there for so long and I do not like the city resorting to violence and drugs to carry the reputation. High Point is home, but I hope that it will be more than what people see in the news.



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