Eisner Quiz

The way to get an idea for a story is based on the social behavior of your human group. a story can be told to satisfy curiosity, discuss morals and values, and to dramatize social relations and living in our world. ( chpt 1, t 1 pg).

One type of story you can tell is a life story. A life story is a single day picked to define the subject of the stories life. These stories are hard to tell due to the fact that you have to pick certain events to fully define the subject and make sure all the details and events make sense and are in order(Pg. 37).

One way to keep the readers attention is to us surprise, shock and retention. This is good because it keeps the reader interested. (pg. 52) Also empathy is a good tool to use because it makes the reader feel. Which keeps the reader interested and builds bonds with the characters and the readers (pg. 47).


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