My Hometown

I always told people I lived in Winston-Salem, NC. I still do. That’s because when you say Lewisville, no one knows where the heck you’re talking about. Tucked away about 15 minutes from downtown Winston-Salem off Highway 421, my little hometown of Lewisville, NC wasn’t much to look at.


One stoplight, two grocery stores, a baptist church and a methodist church, an elementary school, town square, and a library. That’s it, aside from a few small businesses and a privately owned bank. Lewisville is a blink and you miss it kind of town. But, it’s home. I made all my friends there, through church and walking to school. Everything we did was either on the school field, in the gym or at the square. If we were ever inside in this town, we were in the gym playing basketball. Being a bunch of sports freaks in a small town wasn’t as difficult as you might think. We were a stones throw away from the sports stores and walmarts in Winston, so we got what we needed, and loved every second of it. It was just us, and that small town afforded us the opportunity to kind of create our own sports world.


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