Will Eisner’s book Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative talks about a wide range of topics such as: what is a story, how to tell different types of stories, images as a narrative tool, and so many more. The book is written as both a written piece and as a visual piece which made it easier for me to understand what the messages were. Personally, I believe there are three important questions that are answered in this book related to the storytelling process that is typically tricky for most people to comprehend. The three most important questions are: what is one way to get an idea for a story, what is one story you can tell with that idea, and how do you keep the reader’s attention in that story?

In regards to the first question, what is one way to get an idea for a story, I would like to point to chapter 8 on page 76. The book talks about how one should always draw from any reality and experience but should always be based on fabrications. However, it also says that the story has to have a touch of human quality. Such, as human concerns, it is an idea that most if not all people can get behind which is the base of your story. Then from their you just need to figure out what types of stories can be told with that premise.

There are many different stories that can be told with the premise of having human concerns. However, the story that I think suits the idea of concerns the best is a life story. In chapter 5 on pages 37 and 33, the book talks about what it means by telling a life story. Life stories “employ a single event in a single day to define a man and his life.” Within that story you can talk about the struggles one is having with his life. From their it leads interesting topics about why he has these struggles/concerns and how he can resolve them. This is also a key factor in how you keep the reader’s attention. In chapter 6 on page 50 it talks about how hard it is to keep the reader’s attentions in stories. However, the book says that you need to give the readers curiosity and then satisfy them with elements of human behavior.

Again, there are many different ways to tell stories. However, it is on the writers to make sure that they have those key elements in the stories for the readers to grasp so that way they can become attached to the story and read your story. I mean after all; the readers need to enjoy the stories you are writing so write a story for the reader.


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