Making A Game out of a Folktale

Describe a folktale (from ancient to contemporary, global to local) that you could use for the basis of a video game. This might come from the ideas you discussed with your partner in class, or a new idea. Describe the overall concept and the details of one main character.

I found a folktale that could make for a really interesting game, it’s called “Army of the Dead” and it’s about a confederate army that died without knowing the war was over. The folktale says they died in a hospital after receiving grave wounds, and every night they march to “Reinforce Lee in Virginia.” They look like a fog bank made of horses and soldiers as they move along. It’s not a well known ghost story, but I think it could make a cool video game. Everybody remembers that there was a Civil War, and war is a common game topic. I could use the themes of a war to show that the sides were not so different, making several sympathetic characters on both sides. Characters would die over the course of a night and return the next night.

Confederate Ghost Soldiers.jpg

It would be a strategy war game like XCOM where you play as a few Confederate or Union soldier ghosts. They would fight the ghosts on the opposite side, moving from cover to cover. They would fire their guns, reload the next turn, and fire again. I would probably use the same cover system as XCOM, with the ability for the ghosts and bullets to go through real world objects. The cover would consist of ghostly objects. There would probably be a progression system but for the life of my I can’t think of how ghosts would progress in power. I would probably make the campaign be of the Confederates or Union ghost army moving across the country against the other side. To or from Virginia. It could even be ghostly reenactments of real Civil War battles. Horseback units, cannon units, leader bonuses, I could make a moderately complicated game that still retains simplicity.

The main character would be a young Confederate or old Union ghost soldier, depending on your side. The Confederate would be naive and innocent, the Union soldier experienced and cranky. Both would have a character arc of finding out that they were dead by morning, only to restart the night the following night. Maybe over a few nights they would reconcile their differences?

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