Reality is a little cracked, maybe, but not broken. Jeez.


  • Why is reality broken to gamers, and why do people turn to games? According to page 3 of “Reality Is Broken” “The real world just doesn’t offer up as easily the carefully designed pleasures, the thrilling challenges, and the powerful social bonding afforded by virtual environments.” Reality is simply not as good in terms of fulfillment and motivation, it wasn’t designed with our happiness in mind. Games, however, are designed with our happiness in mind. In terms of being interesting and engaging, a game is better than reality 9/10 times. Is it any wonder that some people prefer games to reality? Granted, games are limited in what they can do while reality is not, but games manage to make their limitations so much more interesting than the variety provided by reality.


  • What are the elements of games, and how does Suits’ quotation summarize them? Goals, rules, feedback, and voluntary participation. Suits’ quotation is ” Playing a game is the voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles.” pg 22 This means that games have a goal to overcome the obstacles, rules for how to overcome them, feedback as to a win or loss, and you voluntarily participate. Suits’ quotation perfectly summarizes most of the aspects of a game, especially those defined by “Reality Is Broken.”


  • What are flow and fiero, and how are they important to games? To life? Flow is a constant state of staying at the very edge of your skill level, doing really well and restarting when you lose. Fiero means pride, it’s the feeling of triumph over adversity. Both are necessary in making games fun and fulfilling. Without these feelings, life is depressing. To be happy you have to be at your best, and overcome adversity. However, life rarely gives you a chance to be at your best, and challenges are often out of your ability. Games are more fulfilling because you know the challenge is always in your reach, so you keep your flow and gain a feeling of pride when you succeed.

    “That’s because there is virtually nothing as engaging as this state of working at the very limits of your ability—or what both game designers and psychologists call “flow.”

    When you are in a state of flow, you want to stay there: both quitting and winning are equally unsatisfying outcomes.” pg 24
    “Fiero is the Italian word for “pride,” and it’s been adopted by game design­ ers to describe an emotional high we don’t have a good word for in English.” pg 33

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