A Folktale Game

Folktales are described as stories that have been passed down through word of mouth. It is really interesting the stories that have been considered to be folktales, for instance, Johnny Appleseed, Sasquatch and others. Many folktales would either be difficult or lack interest if adapted to a video game because it doesn’t have a story that is adventurous, has conflict or the traditional stage of a story.  However, if there would be a folktale that could be adapted into a video game, and it is a stretch, it would be Bloody Mary. 

Bloody Mary is about a witch who was taking children to sacrifice them for their ruth. The town found out about it and burned her to the stake but before her death, she cursed everybody that if anyone said her name three times in front a mirror, that would summon her and death would ensue. The Bloody Mary story has the key attributes for a video game, it has adventure, puzzles and conflict.

In creating a video game leveraging the Bloody Mary folktale, the basis of the game  would be a chose your own adventure where you are a detective trying to solve the disappearance of children in a fictional town. You would have the opportunity to choose the town and the circumstances of the children’s disappearance. In order to solve the case, you are allowed to ask questions of people in the town and choose the answers the characters give you. You can also choose which characters to ask questions. As you, the detectives, obtains knowledge you believe you get closer to the person who is kidnapping the children. The people in the town would give the detective the information about Bloody Mary and you would be forced with trying to tap into the secrets of how to find her through puzzles and riddles in order to progress in the game.  It turns out that the detective is just fooling himself, because the kidnapper is a ghost. The game ultimately, the detective would have to summon Bloody Mary, to confront the kidnapper to break the spell. To win the game, the detective must break the spell to get the children home.


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