Reality is Broken


Games give things to people that real life just can’t offer. Some people are more fulfilled by games. The sense of achievement is something that some people just don’t get in real life.

McGonigal has four different elements that define games: goals, rules, feedback system and voluntary participation. On page 21 these are described as followed:

  1. Goal- Every player in every game has an end goal or some type of achievement that they are aiming for.
  2. Feedback System- This is a thing that tells the players how close they are to obtaining said goal. This is something that real life lacks that most gamers would like to have.
  3. Rules- This is certain limitations that the players of the game have to reach said goal.
  4. Voluntary Participation- Everyone who is playing willingly knows the goals, and therefore excepts the rules that pertain to the game.

Fiero is an emotional benefit. It’s believed to be a primal emotion, best described as a rush. An emotional high, no english word. Something that comes from triumph adversity. The physical example is throwing our hands up and yelling ex football game.  Leveling up or winning a game can give you this. But the real goal is trying to accomplish this emotional high in real life.

Flow is the hyper engagement. Once you are “in the zone” that is considered the flow. Games give you this through levels and difficulties. The goal in life is to get in the zone. Not necessarily get in a routine but get in the zone and stay in the zone. Flow should help make you thrive to do your best.


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