Paul and Babe

Everyone has heard of Paul Bunyan in some form or another. Paul Bunyan, to put bluntly, is a beast. The story goes that it took 5 storks to bring him to his door step. He was a very large baby and grew up to be an even bigger man. Paul was out in the woods chopping wood one day (he was a lumberjack) and this is where he met his best friend, Babe, a blue ox. They would travel the country and make historic landmarks. The great lakes were where Pauls footprints would be after he walked in the snow. The grand canyon and much more.

The premise of the game could be that you are Paul and your objective is to get across the country and along the way have mini games, and different types of challenges to make certain landmarks and to survive. This would have a challenge and also a type of fun perk to it.

This is something that could turn into a collaboration also. Being Paul would be a good story mode and maybe an online feature where you make your own character and have to mingle around in a free world. Scavenge for supplies and also play mini games along the way.

Also for your entertainment, heres a video of Disney’s version of Paul Bunyan if you are curious.


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