Game Jam

Social Connectivity:

“And by keeping running games going with your real-life friends and family, you’re ensuring daily opportunities to actively connect with the people you care about most,” (pg. 78). Here she refers to the fact that many people play games to feel like they are actually doing something together, not just checking on each other. The social aspect of the games and on their platforms shows that people talk to each other, and many times not about the game but about life.


Sensation you get when you complete a task that you’ve been trying to beat for a long time. An epic environment is created by both the set up of the game but also a personal agreement (voluntary response) to take it seriously. It’s about being a part of something bigger than yourself, you can’t accomplish it by yourself.



Title- Graveyard Madness

Group- Kala and Lena

Quick Description- Group of teens on Halloween in graveyard. #2 card is killer and #6 card is the victim. Roll dice to land on places. If you land on question place, pick up question card…. this is how you find out who the killer is. Whoever finds out who the killer is wins.

Our game can appeal to people on many different levels. While we didn’t have all the rules and legistics worked out, I still feel as if we made an interesting game. It has social connectivity because the players are forced to interact and learn more about each other. At the very least, they learn each others birthdays because of having to pick the youngest to go first and then on. Epicness is achieved by creating a task, such as figuring out who the killer is, that is not easy but doable. Through teamwork and one’s own thoughts, they are able to accomplish something that is bigger than just them. They are trying to figure out who was the murderer and they figure this out by them and other team-members asking questions in the game. It’s new, spooky, and the characters are recognizable by all, being stereotypical.

Pictures of our game

Brooke Reaves


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