Game Jam: Rolly Chairs For Science!

My Game Jam idea was a rather interactive game that could definitely develop with nearly any theme or scenario due to its fun, simple concept and the requirements and materials being readily available. This game, Push or Treat though the name is completely adaptable based on the theme on which the game is set, requires very few materials, most of which can be acquired in a typical office workspace. To quickly describe the game, a person in a rolling chair has to throw ping pong balls and targets on the wall with the help of a teammate to push them into position, all while under a time constraint. There are three targets, set at varying distances and preferably in a variety of positions. While seemingly an easily accomplishable task, to do all required objectives within the tight time constraint will most likely lead to several failed attempts, provoking the emotions of flow and fiero until the players are on the cusp of an epic win. My game would be an enjoyable experience for those who play it because it is a interactive game. The universal applicable theme also makes this game appropriate for any situation. This game is one that is a team experience that would create unity among team members. This bond would only be strengthened by the strict time constraint applied (or quite possibly everyone hates each other IE Mario Party.) The game also creates a bond between the two main players because each persons performance in the game is based on the performance of the other. The social connectivity aspect of this game is brought to the forefront due to the design of the game. This work of entertainment asks the players to attempt a daunting task, that they will most likely fail multiple times, though when the players achieve the goal they will undoubtedly have accomplished an epic win!


Push or Treat                                                                                       Time Limit: 1:30

  • Two Players: A Roller and A Pusher
  • The Pusher must push the Roller so that they may throw the ping pong balls at the sticky notes
  • The Roller has three ping pong balls
  • Once all three balls have been thrown and missed the roller must pick up all the balls and return to the Pusher.
  • Once the Roller hits a sticky note they must attempt to hit the next sticky note, if they succeed they must hit the final note, if they fail they have to recover the balls and return to the last sticky note where they will be pushed again.
  • The game is over when the Roller hits all three sticky notes or the time limit is reached.


(Our unique board for our Game Jam creation!)



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