Game Jam: Shuffle Dice

My game jam game is a kind of target throwing game where you toss dice at an area and see where it lands, and what number you get. Depending on how you toss it and what you roll, you can get anywhere between 0 and 30 points per toss, with 1-6 points being an average toss. I called it ShuffleDice, because of its similarity to shuffleboard and the fact that it uses dice.

Instructions: Stand behind the pipe cleaner that represents the throwing line and toss dice at the play area. Take the number on the die and add or multiply the number of the area it landed in.

  1. Each player throws 3 dice, taking turns with the other players.
  2. They multiply or add the points on the dice based on what area they landed in.
  3. Landing in any space without a square, the player only gets the points on the dice.
  4. If you throw past the play area, you get no points.
  5. The player with the most points at the end wins.

I think people will like my game because of the skill and luck facets of it. Gambling on luck is always fun, and the direct competition makes it interesting.


When it comes to building a social connection, there are few things better than a directly competitive game of skill and luck. According to page 82 of “Reality is Broken” “Games build stronger social bonds and lead to more active social networks. The more time we spend interacting within our social net­works, the more likely we are to generate a subset of positive emotions known as “prosocial emotions.” Competition brings people together. As for a sense of epicness, you really only need to feel like a part of something bigger than yourself. It also helps that the game spans most of one side of the room, it is rather big. Anyway, it is not normal to have a shuffledice game in a classroom, and that adds to a sense of epicness. On page 98 it says “A good working definition for “epic” is something that far surpasses the ordinary, especially in size, scale, and intensity.” Any fun game is more intense than most of life.


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