Folklore Is Spooky

One of my favorite things about North Carolina is it’s folktales. More specifically its ghost stories. A lot of times at night I find myself reading one of the many scary folktales of North Carolina. My grandmother originally inspired this interest of mine by telling me about the “Brown Mountain Lights” when I was a kid. From what I remember, the folktale takes place in Avery County and its about these glowing “brownish” lights that play on the mountainside at night. The legend is that it is a slave wandering through the forest at night looking for his owner. They have never been explained though there are many theories for these lights. Some say its the headlights from cars, others say its “swamp gas” and other people say it’s all just a hoax. There are many documented cases for these lights and you can see them as they are most frequently seen this time of the year.

Stuff like this even as tame as it is still makes my skin crawl. I really don’t know why but stuff that happens in real life like this and that has a ghostly story aspect really spooks me. You could take this idea and change it up a little to have a much sinister story. I could definitely see a game that starts you off investigating these lights. You could leave the slave and slave owner part or change it to something that can really touch people like maybe its a spirit of a little girl wandering through the woods looking for her mom. And maybe when people investigate these lights they go missing. Then the game could take off from there.


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