Reality is Broken

  1. Gamers turn to games over reality because reality is too easy (McGonigal 22). We lose attention to the real world because the real world is too bland. It’s too boring and predictable. We turn to gaming as an escape from our boring realities and escape into a realm where we can be something more than ourselves. We transport ourselves to an alternate reality with much more difficult obstacles, a world where everything is so far beyond reality that it’s so thoroughly enjoyable.
  2. There are four defining traits of a game, according to McGonigal. A goal, rules, a feedback system, and voluntary participation (McGonigal 21). These elements are essential to games. Suits’ quote about unnecessary obstacles fully defines what makes a game a game. We play games in order to replace the boring obstacles of life with more challenging and engaging ones
  3. Fiero is the Italian word for pride, and it has been adopted by game execs to describe an emotional pride we don’t have a good word for in English (McGonigal 33). Fiero is essential to games in which when we succeed, and we feel connected with our characters. We feel like we are living through them, and in a way we are. That sense of pride, fiero, that hubris is essential to life, in which we succeed in life or overcome an obstacle in the same way we do in a game, we feel so much of it and thus are happier.

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