Reality is Broken

  1. To gamers, reality is broken. It is less motivational, less thrilling, less potential-maximizing than the world of games, and gamers are tired of it. (p. 3)
  2. Bernard Suits’ quotation, “playing a game is the voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles,” (p. 22), sums up McGonigal’s four defining traits of a game: voluntary participation, rules, a goal/goals, and a feedback system. Games, in McGonigal’s mind, require the player to participate voluntarily, thereby choosing to engage in unnecessary-but-rewarding (via the feedback system) activities surrounded by some set of restrictions and parameters (rules) in order to reach an end goal (winning, usually).
  3. Flow, as defined by McGonigal, is intense joy from the feeling of accomplishment and creativity. It’s almost akin to extreme and fulfilling focus, which is very unusual to see in the real world,  but is a normal occurrence in the world of gaming. (p. 35) Fiero, then, is the Italian word for pride, and is described as the emotional high when you finally “triumph over adversity”. (p. 33) This is the feeling you get when you finally beat that stupid water level you’ve played over and over and over for days on end, and you both see and hear the final boss’s death sound. It’s primal, and absolutely is a feeling that those who play games can relate to. It is exceedingly rare to find in real life, but can be seen in sports fans when a favored team scores the final points needed to win.

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