Game Review of Skyrim

Skyrim is an open world adventure game where you play as the Dohvakiin, or Dragonborn, in a fantasy land called Skyrim. Your character starts out as a prisoner of the Imperial Legion, in a wagon transporting prisoners of war. You have no idea how you were captured. You are then told to customize your character before almost being executed. At the last second a dragon stops the execution and rampages in the area. You escape, and are free to do whatever you want from then on. You are pointed in the direction of Whiterun, but you have no goals.

Skyrim is a cold, mountainous land that has many hidden temples, winter coasts, and coniferous forests to explore. It reminds of real-world Iceland in this respect, and the people are Nordic, similar to vikings in mannerisms, dialect, and looks.

The main story of Skyrim is a story of destiny and power, but the real theme behind Skyrim is of choice and personal agency. You can join the Dark Brotherhood, a cult that murders for money, or you can eradicate it. You can participate in a civil war to gain the cooperation of a leader and capture a dragon, or you can have the old, wise Graybeards negotiate a truce so that you can capture the dragon. It is all about how you interact with your world.

One word describes Skyrim: EPIC. The scope of the world, the creatures you fight, the music, the story, the visuals. You climb mountains and fight huge dragons, explore the vast reaches of the Underdark, and fight in a massive war that spans the land.


Your character navigates the world using a controller. You choose your dialogue options and all of your actions are your own.

The console you use to play it will show the amazing graphics on the TV you use. It’s just a video game.

Playing Skyrim is a rollercoaster of emotion. You feel fear and anxiety, and then triumph as you overcome the obstacles in front of you. In the first quest for the Dark Brotherhood you are told to kill one of the people they have tied up in a room they take you to. You can kill one, or two, or all of them, or even kill the Dark Brotherhood member that kidnapped you. It’s a creepy choice to make and it is one of the most genuinely cool scenes in the game. Your choices in this case matters, depending on what you do, you gain and lose opportunities.

dark brotehrhood.jpg

The most epic parts of the game are definitely the battles you have with dragons, the battles span mountains and towns, and after you finally chip their health down you get a new Word of Power to shout at your enemies. The game rewards you for your victory, and the triumph is an amazing feeling.

In conclusion, Skyrim is a very fun game that delivers an amazing, in depth experience. In a word, Skyrim is epic. It is an adventure I would recommend to anyone.




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