Video Game Review

I’m more of an online player. I love to collaborate with teammates to reach and end goal. This review is more of a story mode and I chose to do it on BioShock.  I have never played any of the games on the list before so I chose one off the recommended list.

BioShock is a game that consists of mysteries, conflict and a story that makes you not want to quit playing. BioShock takes place in the floating city of Columbia during 1912. You are in the first person point of view as an agent, Booker DeWitt. The objective is to find a woman, Elizabeth, who is trapped there, and save her from the ones who are in control of the land. You later find out that Columbia is not the nice little city that they pretend to be. There is a malicious group who run this horrid city and the player must navigate their way around.

The main theme of BioShock is to save the lady. Elizabeth has special powers that can help fight off the villains. You have weapons and gear to counteract the bad guys and to fight your way through the map. There are conflicts that the player and Elizabeth face which requires trust.

The cinematic experience is very good. The music is very fitting for the game play. The graphics are awesome. They are intentionally cartoonish to take away from the more graphic nature of the game and all the killing. The graphics are impressive for the style that they are going for.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 7.45.43 PM.png

I played this game on my friends PlayStation 3. The game was used with HD and was 720p. The hardware was a PlayStation controller and you moved around with the analogue sticks. The four buttons on the right all represented something different, anywhere from jumping to switching weapons. The two “bumpers” on the back of the controller control the weapon fire and aim.

The game was very interesting and kept me engaged. There was one scene that really kept me watching. Elizabeth found a dying horse and is trying to revive it. You have the option to put it out of its misery or let it live. She ends up stopping you and tries to heal it wither her powers and ultimately shows you what she is capable of.  And more importantly the player finds out she is unable to control it. The game also opened on a very strong note. You are standing in front of a stage watching an interracial couple struggle while being tied up. The man on the stage who is orchestrating all of this calls out the number 77 which is the ball that I was holding. I was given a choice to either hit the couple of the announcer. This was a critical moment that made you think and made you feel.Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 7.48.32 PM.png

My overall opinion on this game is an 8/10. I am not that big into story mode games but I thoroughly enjoyed playing this. I would consider playing this in the future.


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