Game Jam: Spooky Spiders

The game we made was called “Spooky Spiders.” The goal of the game is to collect more spiders (or small objects) than the opposing team within one minute, blindfolded. You will need at least 20 spiders, a blindfold, a large play area (could be a gymnasium or outside), and at least 4 players. You will split into two teams. Members of the opposite team will hide and spread out the spiders in the game area. The team finding the spiders will have one person blindfolded searching for the spiders while the other team member guides them using verbal commands such as down, left, right, to find the spiders. The opponent will keep a one-minute timer while the search is happening. After each team has a chance to go, the team that collected the most spiders wins that round. After 3 or so rounds, whoever collected the most wins a prize!

I think that this game would be great for younger kids. They would love this game because it is a competition with a prize for the winner. This game has social connectivity involved with it because the guiding partner has to be social while leading the blindfolded person to the spiders. Epicness is in the game because the players are attempting to collect the most spiders to win the prize. The winning team has a sense of achievement since they won.



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