Fighting for Survival in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a science fiction mythical first-person shooter where players engage the role of a guardian. You’ll engage a massive multiplayer online world working along others to fend off alien races.  The story begins with the guardians defending their Last City with the light which is their source of power. However, an alien race known as the Cabal lead by their leader Ghaul invades the city stripping the guardians of their light. You begin your journey as the only guardian to regain their light, and you set off on a journey to fight off the red legion and hunt down Ghaul.  The opening song to your guardian falling to the ground after losing their light emotionally chains you to the game. You limp all the way to your ghost which is an important character who does the narrative for your character throughout the story. As your character slowly finds Ghost you are surrounded by the invasion of Red Legion soldiers marching into your city and destroying everything in their path with depressing but a beautiful sound tract. The graphical display Bungi the creators of Destiny 2 provide players in the game is beyond comprehension. The graphical engineering team reached amazing imagery which leads me to giving the graphics to destiny 2 a 10/10.

Setting off for your journey after the invasion of Last City

Destiny 2 sadly limits the amount of character customization you may use. You can choose between three different races, and slight change some of their features such as facial structure, eyes, hair styles, and tattoos with all categories only leaving a few choices to choose from. Although once you created a character you may choose between three different classes which attain their own unique magical abilities creating more individuality for each character. You will follow a story of quest in an open world map full of other players. Along with the story there will be side adventures available to engage in that rewards your character with improved gear and weapons to fight off tougher aliens in the future.  There are also public events for all players in the world may join in to fight off hordes of aliens including their captains who reward the players with tokens used for gear and chances for legendary gear.  The beautiful visual representation an emotionally attaching music will grasp your attention to the game opening you to excitement, sadness, and keep you on the edge of your seat as you move along. Destiny 2 doesn’t fail when it comes to end game content either. Once you’ve completed the story mode and reach level 20 which is the max level you will find an extraordinary amount of end game content to complete. There will be new harder quest and adventures to increase your guardian’s strength, and raids which takes six players working together in a significantly harder environment to fight off stronger alien hordes and leaders to achieve victory.

Destiny 2 is available on Xbox one, PlayStation 4, and most recently a week ago on PC. After playing through the story mode twice myself, and currently still progression on the end game content. I highly recommend destiny 2 to casual and hardcore players. The game reaches to both parties who are questioning if they should purchase the game. Unfortunately, some of the public events provided can be repetitive, and improving gear strength will appear stressful at later stages. Due to these factors I would have to rate Destiny 2 an 8/10, because the game still initiates an impactful story mode backed up with beautiful visual graphics an emotional music. Not to mention Destiny 2 will release future content for players to engage in new characters, and go deeper in the lore of the aliens the guardians fight off for survival.

Character creation screen

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