Game Jam

The game that was developed during the Game Jam session is a game to die for. And by that I mean it is a dice rolling game. Each person in however large of a group as they’d like gets three die to roll on their turns. They stand at the roll line, and attempt to make it into one of the designated modifier areas, using the number on the die as their base points, and applying the mods to each roll. These mods can be anywhere from -2 all the way up to +5 if they can manage to get the die to stay on the table at the back of the playing field. But if they throw the die to far or let it bounce to much, they get 0 points regardless of the number that comes up on the die. Its a fun way to pretend like each competitor’s skill effects how they perform while messing around and having a fun time throwing dice, maybe even trying to hit that impossible +5 table shot, or getting it into the “you tried” section modify. The name we established was “Shuffle Dice” to exemplify its close relation with shuffleboard, which served as the primary source of inspiration.IMG_0794


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