Game Jam

The game that I came up (with the help of some of my floormates) is a card game called Speed Aces. It is an extremely fast paced 2 player game that involves fast paced thinking, quick decision, and a little bit of luck.  The goal of this game is to get rid of all of your cards.  The setup looks like this:


In order to start playing this game you must split the deck evenly with the person that you’re playing with. On the table, you place 2 cards face up and try to place a card that is 1 higher or lower than  the card that is face up. If neither you, nor the person you are playing against can play off of the cards then you flip a card on top and try and keep repeating until you or your partner is out of cards. The person out of cards first gets to choose which stack that they want (generally the smaller one) and you keep repeating until their is only one deck to play off of.


The game is super fun, but requires a lot of quick thinking and sometimes it can get pretty aggressive so play at your own risk!


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