Game Jam: Shuffledice

For our game jam, we took a take on the classic shuffleboard, and added dice and whatever other elements we could find. The result was “Shuffledice.” It was difficult to come up with a creative game in such a short period of time, but we really like how Shuffledice turned out.IMG_0793.JPG

Shuffledice works like shuffleboard, just with much smaller dimensions. The rules are pretty straightforward. The dice can be forgiving at times and also unforgiving. If you roll a low number, but get in a high-point area of the board, you luck out. If you roll a low number and don’t land anywhere, you only get what you rolled. If you roll a high number but hit in a low-point area, you didn’t really gain or lose much.IMG_0794.JPG

The pipe cleaners indicate the boundaries of each area on the board. The sticky notes indicate the number of points per area. This is where things can get tricky. The pipe cleaner and/or sticky note can either keep the dice in or misdirect its path out of the area, depending on how the dice hits.

This is a lot like shuffleboard in that it depends on luck of the bounce, or, in this case, luck of the roll. It falls under the category of a skill-based game, and can be very enjoyable if played with an open mind.

Another tricky part is rolling on carpet. We found that the carpet at times, depending on the amount of force or touch of the roll, changed the trajectory of the dice. It would probably have worked a lot better had we played on a more solid surface like hardwood or tile. The softness and density of the carpet often made it more difficult to land in a good spot.

A unique wrinkle we threw in was the two elevated point areas on two surrounding desks. One to the middle right and the other to the back left. Think if it like that 10,000 point area in skeeball. It’s so high up and such a small window, you can almost never get it in. But you try repeatedly because of the high point value. Same thing here. The two elevated point areas contained the two highest point values on the board. No one who played got them, but almost everyone tried.

This was a very fun game for us to make, and it was fun seeing our classmates have so much fun with a game idea we were able to come up with on the spot



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