Rollerchair Madness

The game that we created was a team game where you had to work together to beat the best time possible. For the game one person is in a roller chair and another person is the pusher. You start at tsignated start line, start the timer right before the first push. The game is broken down into three sections and you have to finish the first section to move on the next. So the first section you get rolled as close to the goal and you have three ping pong balls to hit the goal. If you do not hit it then you have to go back to the start but if you do hit it then you the pusher moves up and pushes you to the next section. For the second section the same concept applys if you hit it then you move on but if you do not then you go back to section one to get pushed back to two. Then the third section which is the hardest goal to hit and once you hit it the pusher stops the clock and you compare the time. Also you can switch with pusher and see who can get the fastest times and also play other teams to see who gets the best time.

This game creates a team atmosphere and builds relationships with people. When you work together as a team you come together for a common goal. This is good because it helps with social interactions. Also when you win it helps grow relationships because once you accomplish a common goal with someone you feel closer to them.




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