Games and Folklore

I very much like the idea of using one of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales as the base of a video game. The world itself is so unsettling and creepy that I wouldn’t need to change it to give it that horror game vibe, but it’s also a bit childish, which I think adds to the horror of the situation. All of the Brothers Grimm’s tales have body horror happen on-screen in their universe, and while I have no experience drawing purposefully creepy or horrifying things, I can’t help but want to.

I grew up with these fairy tales by my bedside, and it influenced my favored genres of stories. I very much like horror, and though they may cause many a nightmare, I delight in reading Em Carroll’s comics. Her style is so interesting and raw, and I really admire it. I was hoping to give off her kind of vibe through the art I create for my game.

I’m not sure which tale I want to focus on, but as things are now I think I’ll have a general main character the player would use to interact with the world of the Brothers Grimm. It will probably be adapted to a more whimsical style in order to undermine some of the inherent creepiness of the surrounding world and give off a vibe of not belonging?


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