Course and Self Reflection

Course and Self Reflection – Justin Thompson – Narrative, New Media, and Gaming Class

  1. What are two of the most significant things you learned in this course this semester? The two most significant things that I learned are how to be a little more creative with what I am doing and how to use sites like WordPress well. I am a computer science major and in my major there is not a lot of room for creativity. We try to get the job done as quick as possible with the minimum amount of code and work so that the program is more efficient. This cuts the creativity aspect and this class allowed me to be more creative even though that part of it was kind of hard. I was able to learn all about some sites like WordPress. This will allow me to have more resources that I know how to use in the future for other classes and life.
  2. How did the activities, projects, and other learning experiences mesh with your personal learning style? I learn best when I see things. Something in classes that helps me learn are the smart boards. It is hard for me to learn when I am just reading the book. That was one of the hard things about learning in this class from the readings. During class I liked the interaction that we had with the contents of the class because I learn better that way. The projects were a good way that we were able to engage with the class because of all the peer reviews that we did for each project. The tips that people would give during the peer review time did help in polishing the projects. I also think the blogs were a good way to make sure that the students engage with the readings as well as the content in the class.
  3. What knowledge and/or skills that you gained from this course could be included on your resume? Think about some of the skills listed in this article, “What are the skills that employers seek in job applicants?” Write two or more sentences that could be included on your resume. Something that was listed on this site that I improved on in this class was, “Computer/Technical Literacy”. The speed that I can type at now without looking was improved by this class because we have to type so much for the projects and blog posts. A sentence that could be included on my resume from this is, “Gained Computer/Technical Literacy from typing so much during my Narrative/New Media/and Gaming class.” Another topics of improvement that I gained from this class was, “Planning/Organizing”. This is something that I improved on in this class because I always had to organize my thoughts before finishing writing something. This had to be done during blog posts and the projects especially. This skill is very important to show that you have on your resume. The sentence I would type is, “Gained organization awareness from doing several projects and blog posts in my Narrative/New Media/ and Gaming class”.



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