Course and Self Reflection

Coming into this course, I was not sure how I would feel about it because I am not a big gamer. I have played Nintendo DS and Wii before, but luckily, my younger brother is a video game fanatic and helped me brainstorm some ideas for this course. One of the most significant things that I learned in this class is different media resources and websites such as Exposure and Medium. As an education major, learning about these sites and resources are beneficial to my future lesson plans. Another important thing that I learned this semester is all the different ways to tell stories – still images, videos, interviews, etc. With all the technology we have at the tips of our fingers, stories can be told online, not just through word of mouth or paper books.

I have absolutely enjoyed the projects throughout this course. I was able to choose a topic of my interest and create a project. Being able to choose a topic of interest made the projects more enjoyable and did not seem like a pain. I learned something new with every project and I gained a lot of knowledge. Creating the blog posts on WordPress was very easy for me and meshed well with my learning style. I have a personal blog on WordPress that I share on social media about my life experiences and lessons. My favorite project was creating a story about a place and the passion there. One of my hobbies is photography so to be able to use some of my personal photos of Sanibel Island was awesome.

After taking this course, something that can be added to my resumé is computer/technical literacy as well as planning/organizing. Coming into this class having a blogging background, I was able to learn new features about WordPress as well as other sites. Also, part of my major concentration is IT, so I work with computers a fair amount. A sentence that I can include on my resumé is, “Computer/technology literate; background with word processing, software such as Adobe, and e-mail.” When it comes to planning/organizing, I have always been a planner. I get stressed out easily if I do not have deadlines or plans written down on my calendar. This semester, I took 17 credit hours so having to balance the blog posts, readings, and projects with this hybrid class along with my 5 other classes was challenging. With the projects in this course, I had to plan how to make time to work on those projects without procrastinating. With our last project, the video game concept, it was easier to plan out because we had two rough draft deadlines and a final deadline. A sentence that I can include on my resumé about this is, “Knows how to plan/organize projects and deadlines well; does not procrastinate.”



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