I went into this class with little to no expectations. I came out of it with a few pieces of knowledge that may help me one day. A few, yes, but very important things that will surely help me in my own storytelling style and possibly in my eventual professional life. The first one was that it is important to have a visual in order to totally understand a story. The other is that in order to have a fully believable world in a game, you need to write every piece of dialog and have every aspect of it thought out well before development can begin. This is important to immerse and envelop the player with your fictional world.

I think the best parts of the class were the hands one parts- projects, and then the in class assignment to build a game. i personally work best when I interact with and help work on something- I often sit in the front of a classroom in order to interact with the professor and my peers. Not in an obnoxious way, but more in a conversation like way. I have always worked best this way, however I only came to the full realization about this when i was a senior in High School. I have since used it all the time in college and found myself getting better grades than I ever did in HS. The game jam assignment was also helpful since it helped me realize that nay rules that constrict the player within the game must work well in tandem with each other. the rules cannot overlap, and must aid to the “fun” part of the game.

This class helped me write better too. The blog posts and then of course the website for my games helped me be specific and to the point in my writing. The game jam also helped with this, as I had to make the rules of my game specific and clear to those who were not me. I had to learn to write in a way that made sense to other people, and not just me. I also had to learn to balance time. The number of assignments in the class made me think about how to balance this class with other class assignments. Case in point that I am still working on this- I am turning in this assignment two days late as I forgot it was due in the influx of late semester work I have had.

My resume sentences: “Exceptional orator and writer. Organizing/ Planning skills also well developed.”


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