A Reflection on Storytelling

Address each of the following questions in a reflective blog post, related to your participation in this course overall. This is due on the last class day (Category: Course Reflection).

What are two of the most significant things you learned in this course this semester?

The first significant thing would have to be the many techniques of storytelling we learned early in the semester. I liked using Exposure to incorporate pictures and text into a story, I liked reading about all the ways a character could be introduced, ways to show what they were like with very little, the difference between the looks of good objects and evil objects, and the use of body language in storytelling. The ways we learned to tell stories can help me tell my own stories. The second thing would be the parts of making a game idea. I’ve toyed with the idea of making a game before, but I only ever thought of the rules and goal of the game. I did not think of the merchandise, the trailer, or how I would actually make the assets for the game. I had also never considered making transmedia for it, I can see now that any transmedia can really help something get known. I might even be better at making transmedia than making a game, mostly because I can’t code.

How did the activities, projects, and other learning experiences mesh with your personal learning style?

I liked the way I had a lot of time outside of the class to properly do the work. I think a hybrid class is very good for my learning style in a class like this when there isn’t way too much to learn. The projects felt very manageable and the activities were fun and informative.

What knowledge and/or skills that you gained from this course could be included on your résumé? Think about some of the skills listed in this article, “What are the skills that employers seek in job applicants?” (https://www.livecareer.com/quintessential/career-doctor-cures/skills-employers-seek). Write two or more sentences that could be included on your résumé.

I learned about making transmedia, I feel confident in my ability to come up with cool ideas to promote games. I could say “I have experience making ideas for transmedia promoting a video game.”

I also was very good at making my own game, ShuffleDice. It was not perfect, but with a little work that could have been a really cool game. I could say “I have experience creating, developing, and testing games.” ShuffleDice: IMG_0794(1).JPG


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