Reflecting on the Course

The two most significant things I learned in this class include storytelling and expanding my creativity. I am not the most creative person. I normally struggle when I am asked to create….. anything. I like to be told how to complete something, but when I am asked to do something with unlimited creative freedom, I struggle. But doing Project 3 helped me be more creative than I have ever been before. It’s kinda cool to create a video game concept and to see how far you can push it. I enjoyed it very much. Storytelling is important in anything we do in live. Every day we tell our own stories, but we do not get to critically analyze why storytelling is so powerful. This class explained it perfectly, and I can take that knowledge with me as I progress in my last year of college.


The first two projects fit into my style naturally. Using Adobe Spark allowed me to create interesting and visual appealing blog posts as I talk about my biggest passions.I really liked the second project about describing a place. Even though I did not do the project correctly, I used all of the elements I’ve learned and blended them together for something cool and unique. Those projects expanded on what I’ve learned about website design so far.


One thing that I learned in this class that would be great for resumes would be Transmedia. It is essential in every company around the world, and gaining some more knowledge on it can make employers take a second look at what skills I bring to the table.


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