Course Reflection


One of the most significant things I have learned in the course is to use different mediums in technology. I personally was never good with websites and movie makers but after this course I am a lot more comfortable using these aspects of the internet. Also in this course I have learned to work with people that I did not think I would have anything in common with. I met some cool people in this class and if I would not have worked with them and actually talked to them I realized they were some cool people.

These projects worked well with my learning style because I am very hands on. During the semester we had to create a lot of projects and doing this was good for me because I learn by doing it not by watching someone else do it. Also I like group activities and having groups but still being independent was good because I had help but still the initative to do my own work because it was independent.

Somethings I have learned in this class that could be on my resume is computer literacy, communication skills, and interpersonal abilities. I have mentioned how I learned computer literacy and interpersonal skills already, but as for communication I learned when to communicate. For example it is not good to email your professor the day before a project is due when I have had the question for the last week. And this is something that is very important.

Something that could go on my resume is, ” In my time in college I have learned to communicate well, build relationships with people I work with, and also computer literacy. I could be a strong fit for this job based on these qualities that I have acquired in college.”

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