Course Reflection

This class has been an invaluable learning experience for me. I have been able to practice my writing and develop my media-based research skills over the semester, where I otherwise wouldn’t have had a reason to.

I feel as though the things that I learned in the course that are the most important to me are the upkeep of a blog and the media surrounding a game. While I aspire to be a game designer, if even as a hobby, I didn’t even consider media elements like merchandise or websites for my game. This course even informed me about the act of developing a game idea fully before doing anything with it. I feel as though that is an essential skill to have in game design, and I’m glad that this course allowed me to learn it.

Designed and began development on a game, Excalibur, in RPG Maker MV which runs on JavaScript.

Created a website for Excalibur to raise public awareness for the game, as well as draft merchandise and a transmedia project in order to grow the audience and have an engaged player base.

The course meshed well with my personal learning style. My preferred learning style is a hands-off approach, where there is little to no in-class work and I am free to learn at my own pace. I feel as though I can learn most things faster than a heavily lecture-based course teaches. As well, I prefer open-ended projects where I chose my own topic rather  than have a topic assigned to me, and all of the projects in this course were exactly that.


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