Self reflection

The two most significant things I’ve learnt this semester are, everyone has their own stories and narratives, and there are many ways to convey these stories. As even though we all are not the same person, through stories we can all relate in some sort of way, and connect to each other.

The activities and projects that were done in this class, meshed with my learning style as I was not used to hybrid classes, so the scheduling interested me, as well made it a little bit harder. However, I was still very intrigued by what we did, and relieved that our activities and projects were all of the creative sort.

Some skills I could say I acquired from this class could be social marketing, computer literacy, and planning. Two sentences I could say are, “Through my studies within my Narrative, New Media, and Gaming class, I was able to further learn how to expand my computer literacy and planning. Through practicing time management, I was able to put together a few websites, a blogpost, and even come up with the concept to a video game.”


Overall this class has been an interesting experience for me, I only wish I was in class a little bit more, and that I was able to keep up with all my assignments. And for that I am sorry.


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