Course and Self Reflection

  1. The two most significant things I learned in this class are: do not judge people based on your assumptions, and anyone has the potential to make a game (at least conceptually). I hate to say it, but for those I didn’t hear talking about their game designs, I thought the worst. What I saw on the last day of class, however, was a lot of really cool ideas thrown around by a generation of media-consumers. It was really interesting to see what everybody came up with, and I was really happy not to have been the only one who made art for their game! Of course, nobody really needed to make art for their game, it definitely wasn’t necessary, but I had been worried that I was potentially one of the only ones who had drawn?
  2. The activities, projects, and general learning experiences of this class meshed really well with my learning style! Getting to create and really get my hands on what I was learning was an excellent way to lay out this course, in my opinion, and I really enjoyed it. This class was one of the most interesting and in-depth classes I’ve had in a while, and I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did!
  3. Throughout my time in CI 2010, I have learned to market myself and my ideas in a more efficient and attractive manner, as well as having gained skill in communicating through multiple forms of media. I have become a strong team player, but am just as comfortable working alone as in a group setting.

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