Couse and Self Reflection

  1. One of the most important things that i learned in this class was the variety of ways that you can tell a story and that can be done through so many ways other than just words. I used to think that you could only tell pictures through words, and that pictures were only there to aid the story, but after having taken this course, its shown me that pictures can be just as, if not more powerful than words are. Another big thing that was emphasized a lot on was to get your work done early and not the night before or day of. In high school I procrastinated almost all of my assignments and I would end just not doing some assignments. This class helped me start to do my work before it was do and kept me on top of my assignments and got me into good habits.
  2. The projects in the class meshed well with my learning style because I am more of an independent learner and I enjoy teaching myself things and doing things in my own way. This class gives a lot of freedom on projects and that was awesome for me because I didn’t have to be concerned about following a strict outline on what to do.
  3. Building off of what I talked about in the last question, two skills that I could put down on my  resume because of this class would be planning and problem solving. I spent a good bit of time planning out my projects and what I wanted to do with them. Problem solving because we had to find out ways to do the project without much of an outline to follow in order to do it.



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