Video Game Review

Tak and the Power of Juju Game Review:


Overall Story: This game explains the story of the plight of the Pupanunu people. Talc, an evil shaman, stole the power of Moon Juju, and has turned some of the Pupanunu into sheep. It is up to Tak, a young villager, to rejuvenate the power of the Moon Juju and save the village.

Theme: The theme of Tak and the Power of Juju is an adventure one. As Tak, you have to run through the different worlds and defeat the various enemies that arise, while maintaining good levels of health.

Elements: The cartoon graphics in this game are very advanced for being made in 2003. When Tak runs through the grass plains, his feet are kicking up blades of grass behind him, when he runs through the sand, you can see dust clouds coming up behind him. Also, you can even see the individual hairs on one of the characters, Jibolba.

Interactive Features: The game allows you to run through the different worlds avoiding obstacles and enemies, and collecting sheep.

The game gives me an adventure feel and a motivation to succeed. I hate losing, especially when I play this game because it is so fun to play, I don’t want to stop. I find this game to be a very fun, interactive game. While playing it, you will never want to stop because it grabs you and you become addicted very fast.



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