Course and Self Reflection

Looking back at this course and what we did we actually did much more than I thought this class was back in week one. We made blogs, created web pages, and created video games concepts. All of these projects and assignments have helped me learn more about how to create media elements that help with my photography. The little blog post assignments have inspired me and helped creatively throughout the semester by giving me inspiration in my own work.

I liked how all the projects were very in my control where it was mostly my decision to take it where I wanted it to go. I appreciated that Mrs. Pyles was only there to guide the project back in if it was off course. My type of learning style is very different depending on the class where it would either be hands on 100% of the time with the teacher and other times where I would prefer that the work is paced how I would want, which was this class.

Honestly, I do not think that I gained new skills from this class that I would put in a resume. However, I do think that this class had improved the skills that I already had. Skills such as creating websites and being able to organize them in a way to make a reader of it more interested in the topic. This class also helped improve my communications skills since I had to work on some projects with others and had to also communicate with Mrs. Pyles from time to time asking questions. But overall I did like this class and I feel like I had learned a lot from the books and from Mrs. Pyles during the semester.


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