Course and Self Reflection

  1. What are two of the most significant things you learned in this course this semester? The two most important things that I have learned this semester are how to create a website using WordPress and how to tell stories better and use more creativity. I have a feeling that this will not be the last time I use WordPress and definitely not the last time that I will have to create a website. The website knowledge will help me in the future because I am trying to start up a company with my friend and I will need to know how to create a nice website. Some of the techniques i learned while doing project three will come in handy. I also will be able to tell better creative stories after doing project one and two.

  2. How did the activities, projects, and other learning experiences mesh with your personal learning style? I find it pretty hard to retain information by reading it. I learn something much better by visually seeing it. The in class lectures and demonstrations really made it easy for me to understand the material and instructions. Another thing that I liked about the class was we got to peer review our projects before we had to turn them in. Sometimes reading another classmates project lets me know if I am on the right track or not. I liked being able to turn the projects in after we had a class time to review them. The blogs were another good way to make sure that I understood the material. After the lectures and doing the blog I feel like I really understood the material.

  3. What knowledge and/or skills that you gained from this course could be included on your résumé? Think about some of the skills listed in the article, “What are the skills that employers seek in job applicants?” Write two or more sentences that could be included on your résumé. The biggest skill that I have improved on listed in the article would be “Computer/Technical literacy”. My computer knowledge has definitely improved from doing the projects and blog posts. I have Improved my word processing from all the typing we did in the projects and blog posts. I can now type faster and more accurate. Another skill that I improved on is “Analytical/ Research Skills”. I have improved these skills by researching problems that I came across online and seeking advice from my fellow classmates. I enjoyed this class and I would recommend it to a friend.


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